Instantly improve your home’s curb appeal

One of the best ways to upgrade your home is with brand new quality siding. We can help!

Are you looking to increase the value and improve the look of your home? A siding upgrade can make a tremendous amount of difference.

High-quality siding, which is the only type we do at Southeastern Roofing Company, should be durable and beautiful. Siding can dramatically change the aesthetic of your home’s exterior while keeping more vulnerable building materials protected.

At Southeastern Roofing Company, we believe that the highest quality brands truly enhance the outcome of your project. That is why we only use the most reputable products for all of our projects. We are proud to install the following industry-leading brands:

CertainTeed, TAMKO Building Products, GAF, Owens Corning, Andersen Windows, Marvin Windows, LP SmartSide, Georgia Pacific, EDCO and more!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Reach out today for a free, no-obligation assessment and let us help you find the highest quality materials that match the look you are searching for, at the right cost.

Why schedule a free, no-hassle estimate?

Regular inspections of the exterior of your home are crucial in understanding its condition and help with managing proper maintenance, which will, in return, protect your investment for years to come.

Storm Damage

The effect of relentless weather events can cause leaks and significant damage to your home's roof, siding, exterior and interior if untreated.

Storm Damage

Storms can damage your home, lowering its curb appeal and even it’s property value. We know the right materials and techniques to get your home looking like new.

Weathering and Aging

Years of wear and tear can take their toll and your siding can begin to show signs of visible damange.

Weathering and Aging

Siding repair and evaluation can protect your investment and keep your home looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Energy Efficient

Siding works with the rest of your home's exterior to keep your heating/cooling efficient.

Energy Efficient

Damaged siding could open the door to leaks that compromise your home’s energy efficiency, which puts more strain on your furnace and A/C unit. This, in turn, increases your energy consumption.

For any questions about roofing repair or storm damage you can contact us today at 470-228-0766.

    Does your roof have visible damage or leaks?

    Your insurance could cover the full cost to repair or replace your roof without increasing your premium.

    Request a free roof inspection and let us take a look.

    Other Services Provided by Southeastern Roofing Company Include:

    • Roof Installation

    • Roof Replacement

    • Storm Damage Restoration

    • Siding Installation

    • Window Replacement

    • Gutter Installation

    • Exterior Remodeling Projects

    • Deck & Patio Additions

    • Garages

    • …and more!

    Why choose us?

    At Southeastern Roofing, we provide one of a kind convenience by working with our customers every step of the way. From filing the claim to ultimately installing the roof, Southeastern Roofing has seen it all.

    See what others have to say about our work

    I had Southeastern Roofing crew install new vinyl siding, new downspout, wrap my windows, and put the roof on the addition we added. I was satisfied and had no complaints. I even had compliments from the other contractors I had working on the project. I recommend them to others.

    Chad E, Southeastern Roofing

    Southeastern Roofing helpers installed a new standing seam metal roof system, including new roof deck under layment on our home. The job was well done with no complaints. Through the entire process, they maintained the up most care and communication to ensure a quality end product to our satisfaction. I would recommend their work to anyone.

    John H., Southeastern Roofing

    I am a retired HVAC contractor who still does some handyman work and met the Southeastern Roofing team working at a job. When I had storm damage to my roof and siding I knew they were the crew I wanted to call. I saw their previous work first hand and knew that was what I wanted for my house.

    Gary H., Southeastern Roofing