Metal Roofing

Never Worry About Your Roof Again

Add value to your home with a roof with a lifespan that can last well over 50 years

Are you looking to add a distinct look to your home? Metal roofing might be the perfect fit for you.

If you’ve had roof headaches in the past, you know all about the wear and tear your average roof takes, especially after storm season.

Unlike a majority of composition shingle roofs that have an average lifespan of only 12 to 17 years, professionally installed metal roofs can last well over 50 years! In fact, it is not uncommon for copper, zinc, and aluminum roofs to last well over 75 years. And what makes it even better is they required very little maintenance or repairs during their lifecycle!

Request a free, no-obligation assessment of your roof today, and learn about the benefits of Metal Roofing including durability, insurance savings, and a wide range of colors and styles.

Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient

Our line of steel roofing products contains a significant amount of recycled metal content. Our green and Earth-friendly roof systems help keep your home cooler, our planet greener, and help you save money on utility costs.

Why metal?

Home Appreciation

Long-lasting metal roofing is an investment that can help you sell your home.

Home Appreciation

Metal roofing is a terrific home investment due to its long-lasting durability that will stand the test of time.

Insurance Savings

A strong, weather and impact resistant metal roof is guaranteed to protect your home.

Insurance Savings

Even better, some home insurance companies label metal roofs as additional security which can drive down your insurance premiums.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing absorbs less heat than traditional asphalt roofs and is more solar reflective.

Energy Efficiency

With a metal roof from Southeastern Roofing Company, your roof will absorb less heat, stay cooler and save your money on your A/C.

For any questions about roofing repair or storm damage you can contact us today at 470-228-0766.

    Does your roof have visible damage or leaks?

    Your insurance could cover the full cost to repair or replace your roof without increasing your premium.

    Request a free roof inspection and let us take a look.

    Other Services Provided by Southeastern Roofing Company Include:

    • Shingle Replacement

    • Plywood Replacement

    • New Construction Roofing

    • Recover Roofing

    • New Chimney Flashings

    • New Ventilation Systems

    • Residential Low Slope Roofing

    • Emergency Repairs

    • Full Magnetic Clean-up

    • …and more!

    Why choose us?

    At Southeastern Roofing, we provide one of a kind convenience by working with our customers every step of the way. From filing the claim to ultimately installing the roof, Southeastern Roofing has seen it all.

    See what others have to say about our work

    I’m most satisfied with the aesthetics of the overall job. The roof seems to be doing a great job, and I don’t have any problems with my roof anymore.

    Satisfied Customer (Louisville), Southeastern Roofing

    I will continue to recommend Southeastern Roofing Company to everyone that I come in contact with. The roof is beautiful, and the workmanship is awesome. They are very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with them again.

    Satisfied Customer (Louisville), Southeastern Roofing

    I was satisfied with the whole overall project. They were timely. The installers were terrific and let me know what was going on. They were very professional.

    Satisfied Customer (Louisville), Southeastern Roofing