Protect the interior of your home and keep the elements at bay

Upgrade your home with quality gutter and downspout installation

Your gutter system performs a very important function. This is what carries water from rain or melting ice off the roof and to the downspout. From there, the water is distributed, sending it away from the home.

In other words, your gutters help protect both your rooftop and the foundation of your home or commercial structure. However, this can only work if your gutters are well maintained, starting with expert precision for the installation. Make it a point to let the Southeastern Roofing Company address your need for gutter installation, cleaning, and repair service, so you can enjoy the best results.

Leak Repairs

We pride ourselves in being experts at tracing and repairing leaks. Unearthing a roof leak is not the challenge, it is getting to the actual root of the problem. The majority of leaks tend to go undetected.

This leads to major rot and mold problems down the road. So, it is important to not make the mistake of settling for less than the best. The structural integrity of your entire roofing system depends on it.

Why should you get your gutters cleaned or repaired?

We install gutters in our homes to help direct rainwater far from our homes and their foundations. However, homeowners forget that the gutters need to be taken care of to continue performing their role.

Prevents Roof Damage

When your gutter is clean and functional, water will flow through it and into the designated channels. If your gutter is dirty then rainwater will not be able to flow smoothly through it.

Prevents Roof Damage

Water will collect in the gutter and the bottom part of the roof, damaging shingles. In addition, this could cause the roof to crack and the ceiling to leak turning this into a much larger problem.

Protect Your Basement from Water Damage

We keep various items such as carpets and furniture in our basements and if it gets flooded then these items can be damaged.

Protect Your Basement from Water Damage

The water will flow to the foundation of the home and then get into your basement. Besides that, the damp environment in the basement will favor the growth of mold and mildew.

Safe Guard Your Home's Foundation

When water keeps flowing or polling in the foundation of a building, that building becomes unsafe because the foundation becomes weak.

Safe Guard Your Home's Foundation

Repairing the foundation costs a lot of money and can also prevent you from selling your home, which can all be avoided by cleaning your gutters.

Saves You The Trouble with Pests

When water is not flowing through the gutter, the gutter becomes a conducive atmosphere for insects and rodents to breed.

Saves You The Trouble with Pests

Therefore, you’ll have pests in the water collected in your gutters and they can invade your home too.

Adds Value To Your Home

When your gutters are dirty, the outside appearance of your home will also be dirty. When gutters are not cleaned, they accumulate leaves, twigs, sand and all sorts of debris.

Adds Value To Your Home

Regularly cleaning your home will increase its curb appeal and make it more valuable.

Increase Your Gutter's Lifespan

If you take good care of something, it will serve you for a longer duration. The same applies to your gutters.

Increase Your Gutter's Lifespan

The material that accumulates on a dirty gutter tends to corrode the aluminum material. Therefore, this won’t happen if you regularly clean the gutters.

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    I always have great customer service from Southeastern Roofing Company. They’re friendly on the phone and in-person and really know their stuff when it comes to gutters. We hire them two times every year for gutter cleaning and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

    Theresa P., Southeastern Roofing

    I received wonderful service from Southeastern Roofing Company! The owner himself with the crew came to my home to clean our gutters and to replace a damaged downspout on the side of the house. They arrived on-time and were friendly and professional.

    Karen T., Southeastern Roofing

    The entire experience was excellent. The cleaning crew was very nice and even called ahead of time to say they could arrive early for my appointment. The service was only one hour and after all of our gutters were clean and ready for the fall season!

    Beth S., Southeastern Roofing